Empowering our teams to achieve autonomy, mastery, and purpose

An enjoyable working environment

for our team and clients

We know and respect the value of our team members, which is why we’ve created a culture that allows all our employees to thrive, grow and most importantly, feel fulfilled and part of something greater.

The success and happiness of our team is equally important to us as it is to our clients.

Our mission for all employees is to ensure they understand how valuable they are by ensuring inclusion. We provide a wide range of practices and benefits that let them unlock their creative, technical, and professional potential – including personal passions. For this reason we allow our teams to spend 10% of their time to explore their interests or further develop their professional careers thru innovation time.

Our location in the Cortex district gives our teams and clients the ability to collaborate with other entrepreneurs to help manifest their passions.

Great Working Environment

We work hard and play hard. From snacks in the office and the CIC cafe, to ping pong, shuffleboard, and games in the lounge, we pride ourselves on being a great place to work! Regular speakers plus lunch-and-learn sessions help broaden your horizons. Our team members are not only given the opportunity to participate; they are given a forum to lead these learning sessions as well.

Career Development

We aren’t just employers – we’re career partners. We help you build your career along the path that fits your passions. We have regular one-on-one sessions and work with you to develop a skills-based track that lets you grow your career along the path to meet your professional objectives.

Innovation Hours

Exploring passions makes employees more productive, happier and well rounded – all while fostering individual ideas. That’s why we allow 10% of your time to be devoted to innovation hours. This time can be used to foster individual ideas, personal projects, startup ideas, improve an open source tool or for career advancement self-education. All during traditional working hours.

Competitive Benefits

Life is busy, and work is only one piece of it. That’s why we believe in compensating our employees competitively while offering flexible hours – allowing you to live a productive and healthy life outside of work. We also surround our employees with cutting-edge technology in a collaborative space.


The Culture at 1904labs

“At 1904labs, I’m able to work on interesting projects and see client products come to life, while being supported in education endeavors and entrepreneurial ideas. It’s truly a unique balance of client projects & personal development I’ve not had elsewhere.” Glen S.

“Integrating Human Centered Design into the software development process is the holy grail of great user experiences. 1904labs’ commitment to this approach is why I am here. Our process, our people, and our principles all converge to place the user at the center of everything we do.” Carol R.

“1904labs has provided me the opportunity to work with and learn from other experts in both business and technology. I can honestly say that this is one of the best places I have ever worked and feel privileged to be part of such a great company.”

John R.