1904labs in the news!

This month the St. Louis Business Journal published an article that confirms our approach to finding entrepreneurial minded people to work on challenging corporate problems is, in fact, interesting.

In 2015 leading into 2016 we completed research asking the question why entrepreneurial minded people don’t want to work for large enterprise organizations.  The reasons you would think are there like wearing shorts to work, a flexible work schedule, shuffleboard in the middle of the day, and social interaction.  However, that is not what stood out.  What stood out was the fact that nearly all had an idea of their own they wanted to work on and letting go of that idea was a deal breaker.  The perception of having to give up on their passion if they went to work for a larger organization effectively eliminated an entire population of entrepreneurial minded people.  

As the article indicates, we provide our team members time to work on their ideas.  Allowing this time is a key factor that makes 1904labs a bridge between the entrepreneurial minded start-up community and the problems the big companies in St. Louis needs to solve.