The Power of Cloud Solutions

Ryan Withers, 1904labs Practice Director – Cloud Solutions & Development Operations, explains the benefits of Cloud Native software along with the benefit of building software Cloud Native solutions.

Investigating the cloud is about stitching together services, and all these participants within your system, and being able to do more with less and kind of taking the act of thinking between your ears and putting that into the system. I think of 1904labs and think of it as really having the playbook, you know, if you think of the data as the football, we have the playbook for moving data across that football field, down the field and efficiently, quickly. Cloud native allows you to do that. The thing that really excites me is the fact that you can go out and push a button, and anyone, anywhere can deploy solutions to the cloud. To me that’s a huge benefit of this whole cloud paradigm is that you’re packaging up little solutions that could contain data. They have a very small footprint and you’re then turning around and you’re deploying them out to infrastructure that can run them and host them. So we have several teams here that have taken their product and containerized it and then taking those containers and push them out. That’s been a differentiating factor and we’re rapidly trying to take that and package it up so that you know we have a common set of tools and a common way that we approach you know problems.