Working with Clients at 1904labs

Jake Renfro, 1904labs Director – Client Services, explains the benefits of working with 1904labs and its HCD infused agile processes.


It’s really simple, we just we try to do what’s right…Always. The ideal mindset for a 1904labs client would be to be human-centered and agile in their approach to problem-solving. Organizations have a really strong desire to be more innovative and to gain a competitive advantage through their services. 1904labs gives the ability to do more than just provide the software that you hand us that you want us to give back to you. We have the ability to look at it with you and determine are we solving the right problem? With the right tools? And is it going to get you the competitive advantage that you’re looking for? The initial financial impact is our speed to just get started. We’re finding that organizations in St. Louis when they want to ramp up a full team it’s taking them months to set that team up and get them off the ground and get them up and running. Our past success of onboarding and the amount of time it’s taken us to move from conceptual to being productive for an organization is extremely rewarding and it builds a great deal of confidence that we can turn that around again and again for other organizations.