Innovation Hours Showcase Reveals Colleague Bot Creation

Our Innovation Hours Program gives our employees time to work on their passion projects every week. As part of this series, we are highlighting how individuals are working on themselves, working on their startups, working on their community, and working on the labs.

We recently held an Innovation Showcase during Innovation Hours where employees could discuss and share their projects. Collin Bell, who joined 1904labs in 2020 as a Full Stack Developer, built a robot he named the Colleague Bot. Collin wanted to build a robot that he would enjoy having in his office. Collin shared his initial idea with a team member who said the bot should actually do something useful, so he decided to try to get the bot to read a book. He started working on the bot in September of 2020 using his 1904labs innovation hours time.

Watch to see the Colleague Bot in action

Find out more about the Collin’s Colleague Bot here:

This is one story of how our team is spending their time during Innovation Hours. Read more about the innovative projects our employees dedicate their time to in our Innovation Hours blog series

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