Employee Spotlight: Beau Herndon

Today, we are spotlighting Beau Herndon, who joined the labs in March of 2017 and has had quite the journey.

The Journey

Initially hired as a Full Stack Dev, Beau evolved into an Agile Engineer Lead (AEL) where he excelled as a servant leader to the team while fostering an excellent experience for the client. He then grew into an Assistant Practice Lead for the Delivery practice before branching into Business Development as a Client Solutions Engineer. Currently, Beau serves two teams as an AEL while also serving as a Client Partner, trusted advisor, and solutions engineer to existing and potential clients.

Throughout Beau’s career here at the labs, he has participated in six projects across four clients while regularly participating in candidate interviews and representing the labs at community events.

Community Development 

“Coach Beau” has a strong sense of philanthropy and is the founder and lead instructor of 1904Coders, partnering with Lift for Life Academy to teach nearly 100 middle school students to code by building fun & engaging mobile apps (since Fall 2017).

Beau has also partnered (as a Board member) with Lift for Life Academy, Berea Academy, and St. Louis Chess Club Young Professionals to invest in the next generation of STL innovators


Labs Culture

Beau has enriched the labs in more way than we can count, some major contributions include founding 1904 FC (company soccer team), Covid task force member, and he led multiple fun company challenges that encouraged individual growth while raising money for our community partners: Winter Match (2019), Streakers Challenge (2020), March Madness for Good (2021) – involving over 75 co-workers and raising >$20,000 for our community partners. Additionally, Beau has been a “Minimum Viable Peddlers” team member (Biked the MS 150!) to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. 


Beau’s innovation hours are full to the brim, he uses that time in multiple ways including cofounding two Startups: Vison and Petshack. Petshack partnered with Purina to enrich the pet-tech community in STL (2017-2018). He also has acted as an Advisor / Mentor of Venku & AUDRA. AUDRA received an Arch Grant in 2019.

Beau is an incredible embodiment of 1904labs culture, and we are constantly in awe of everything he does!

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