1904labs: The Next 5 Years

As promised when I wrote my blog about 1904labs at 5 years, it’s time to look forward to the next 5 years at 1904labs.

Our founding objectives remain unchanged:   

  1. Be a company where startup-minded people can do cool work, be challenged to grow professionally, and have an opportunity to work on their own side ideas openly and collaborate with other members of 1904labs as it made sense.
  1. Be a company large enterprises can work with to put their innovative ideas into production by utilizing our team of startup-minded people and building new capabilities on modern, open cloud-native technologies. 

So where will we focus our energy over the next 5 years? 

On the people front, we will continue our current talent acquisition strategy. Our people are the foundation for everything we do here at 1904labs. 

And we will continue to build out our company’s culture to be consistent with our desire to be the best place for innovative startup-minded people to work.

On the client front, our revised website home page lays out, I hope, our focus pretty clearly (feedback welcome): 

We will help every client turn their ideas for improving their companies into digitally transformative solutions. 

This is a bold statement, but we deliver on it by combining the creativity and skills of our people with our proven HCDAgile Methodology.

We all know that bringing new, innovative ideas to life in a large corporation is not easy. But achieving this is critically important for enterprises to succeed, and working to solve those most challenging problems is very rewarding for our people. And it’s why 1904labs was started in the first place. 

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