Taking a Step Back to Avoid IT Project Failure

Bias toward action is good, but software teams sometimes prematurely jump into a project once they see a problem. Without taking business value, customer satisfaction, and necessary timelines into account, jumping to solutioning can lead to project failure.

More than 30% of projects fail to meet timelines, budgets, and/or original business intent, leading to revenue loss and lower customer satisfaction.  (Forbes)

Why is it important not to jump to solutioning to prevent IT project failure?

It’s expensive and challenging to build solutions within complex, enterprise organizations. 

  • It’s hard to get stakeholders aligned in matrixed organizations.
  • You might might build something, but it doesn’t work for other groups or isn’t scalable across the enterprise.
  • It doesn’t work for end end users.
  • It isn’t technologically sustainable.

How do you avoid common IT project pitfalls?

It’s critical to take a step back before you jump to building solutions to your problems. By taking time upfront to really examine the problem, you can tailor your solution to avoid those challenges that befall many enterprise IT projects. 

It’s all about questions to gain a 360-degree understanding of the problem before you start figuring out the best way to solve it. Asking the right questions helps you ensure you’re taking the business and user perspectives into account, and you’re starting in the right direction. 

Download your checklist

We’ve designed this checklist to help you take some of what we’ve learned in conversations across countless clients and deeply understand your problem. These six questions can help you build alignment across your organization, make the most efficient use of your time and resources, and build the right solution to truly address your problem.

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