Divvit Inaugural Charity Golf Tournament a Huge Success!

Recently, we highlighted the Divvit app, an easy way to track your golf score, developed during 1904labs Innovation Hours Program. At the end of June, the Divvit team held their inaugural Summer Sizzle Golf Tournament at Forest Park Golf Course. The Divvit app was used in the tournament as the official way to record your score during play, and 100% of proceeds benefited Lift For Life Academy.

The event featured the opportunity to win $10,000 for a hole in one, a longest drive competition, and prizes for members of the top three scoring teams. You could also enter a raffle for a round of golf with lunch at the Westwood Country Club or dinner for four at Trattoria Marcella. 

The golf outing truly sizzled — and not just because it was on the hottest day of the year so far. This first-time event sold out with 72 player registrations! But the students at Lift for Life Academy were the real winners from the event with $6,790 in donations to the St. Louis charter school.

1904labs and Lifting the Lou were proud to sponsor this tournament, which brought recognition to the mission of Lift For Life Academy.


Find out more about the Divvit app here:

This is one story of how our team is spending their time during Innovation Hours. Read more about the innovative projects our employees dedicate their time to in our Innovation Hours blog series.

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