The Celebration Must Go On

Commemorating Our 5th Anniversary Virtually

If being in a pandemic has taught us all something, it is how to live in a virtual world; so when 1904labs celebrated our recent 5th Anniversary, we had to do so virtually. Of course, in no way did we let that stop our fun!

Spirit Week Kickoff

The month of anniversary activities kicked off with a spirit week including dressing up in 1904labs swag — or EVERY piece of 1904labs swag you own in a few cases — and continued with Tourist Tuesday, SuperHero Wednesday, Twinning Thursday and ending with Freaky Friday.

1904labs Jeopardy

By far, the most entertaining of the events was the Jeopardy themed 1904labs Trivia that our CMO, Alexandra Haefele, created. There were three teams that were given answers to questions in the categories of: 1904labs History, Teams, Labbers, Not My Labs and “Matt”er of fact (as we have 6 different Matts in the company). While it got a bit competitive, as the prize for each member on the winning team was an Amazon gift card, it was in a smack talking, playful way! As with any real time event, the scoring was a bit off after review, so you may see some discrepancy between what is said onscreen vs. what the score shows. 

Other Events

Other virtual activities that employees participated in over the month included: 

  • A Joke-Off Contest (no laughing or you lose) 
  • An Innovation Showcase where employees shared their tech projects 
  • A DIY Show and Tell event which gave employees a chance to brag about projects they were working on during the pandemic
  • And throwing our Managing Director and Co-Founder, Sean Walsh, off a building. Well ok, it wasn’t that dramatic, but we did  “volunteer” him for the Mission: St. Louis Rappel fundraising event.  As part of this event, 1904labs was able to raise over $10,000 to donate to Mission: St. Louis. You can watch the GoPro video here.

All of these events offered a great way to celebrate 1904labs 5th Anniversary as well as interact with each other in a fun environment away from the monotonous virtual meeting environment.  Plus by having a variety of events across the month, it allowed people to opt in to as many events as they wanted based on their schedules and interest.

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