1904labs History

Summer Olympics PosterApril 30, 1904, was opening day for the 1904 World’s Fair. A magnificent spectacle greeted the opening day crowd of 200,000 – a dazzling city stood on what had been a woodland park. Fair organizers had erected nearly 1,500 buildings – including several grand “palaces” – across 1,200 acres of a newly redesigned Forest Park.

For the next seven months, St. Louisans and travelers from across the globe experienced the latest achievements in technology, fine arts, manufacturing, science, civics, foreign policy, and education. The Fair boasted extravagant exhibits from fifty foreign countries and forty-three of the then forty-five states.

1904labs was founded 112 years later and just blocks away from the home of the 1904 Fairgrounds. Just like the exhibitors and innovators of the time, we share the same spirit of adventure. Just like the world at the turn of the 20th century, we live in a world today that is in the midst of constant and rapid technological change. Computing is moving from on-premise to the cloud. The volume and velocity of data – referred to as Big and Fast Data – creates a world of both opportunities and never before seen challenges for companies wanting to capitalize on this information.

Today, we help some of the largest companies in the world further their innovation, bringing them the nimbleness of a startup, without the risks, challenges or cost associated with building new teams internally. With this mindset and culture, integrated with company experts, we can rapidly and cost effectively develop with them specialized software solutions –  everything from a proof-of-concept to a ready-to-deploy solution.