1904labs is Committed to Community

At 1904labs we have a focus on serving the community. Some of the recent ways we’ve been able to give back are below. If you have an idea of how we can serve, please contact us.




The “Coders” program is designed to invest in the next generation of software engineers! This course, sponsored by 1904labs, enables students to develop their own smartphone apps – and have fun in the process. Students gain problem-solving skills and creativity, while learning the fundamentals of software design and development techniques. By the end of the very first session, students had built their own working app and their imaginations took off – when the real fun began!








1904labs Dev Ops Engineer, Micheal Ricks-Aherne, who has a background in Engineering Physics and Astronautical Engineering, has a firm belief that science is not so much something you learn as a way you think. It’s an approach to discerning truth in a world full of fiction. And at its heart, it’s just two things: Curiosity and Attention to Detail.

All kids are curious. The real trick is teaching them to channel that energy into things that are slow and methodical…thus 1904rockets was born!

For the rockets program, students built and designed their own model rockets. Putting together a rocket can be a tedious process. Students have to measure things before cutting them. They have to go slow with the knife and take their time with tiny knots. They had to wait for glue to dry. However at the end of it all, the student got to watch something they worked extensively on fly into the sky, it was truly an awesome experience.

In a perfect world, a student would walk away from 1904rockets and think, “A lot of people say rocket science is hard, but it wasn’t that hard, it just took some time and attention to detail.”

St. Patrick Center

1904labs was proud to sponsor the St. Patrick Irish Open & Gala. It is their largest fundraiser of the year and raises critical funds for our mission of ending homelessness. This years event raised more than $658,000 to help end homelessness for clients and their families.

Lift for Life Academy

LIFT FOR LIFE ACADEMY, which opened in 2000 as the first independent charter school in the city of St. Louis, serves students in grades 6-12 from throughout the city. The Academy offers a private school atmosphere, while all programs and
services are provided at no cost to students and their families.

Lift for Life Academy


Places for People

Since 1972, Places for People (PfP) has served people who have the most serious mental illnesses in the St. Louis area. Places for People was formed initially to provide housing and services for people who had been discharged from the State Psychiatric Hospital. Over the years, the agency expanded to address new needs, including chronic homelessness, substance abuse disorders, and medical disorders.

1904labs asked Places for People what we could do to help them on an episodic basis. They said that they are always in need of food for walk-in clients, and asked us to deliver 50 lunch bags. They gave a list of items that included a sandwich, fruit, pretzels, a piece of chocolate, and a note of encouragement and we delivered…literally.


St. Louis Area Foodbank

1904labs recently made a $1000 donation to the St. Louis Area Foodbank, the charity of choice of Bob Gustafson with TKC Holdings, who was selected the winner of the Human-Centered Design Agile Survey from Gateway to Innovation.

The St. Louis Area Foodbank is an organization that relies on the generosity of others to make a difference in the lives of those in need of food assistance. Over the years, they have grown to become the bi-state region’s largest non-profit 501(c)(3) food distribution charity dedicated to feeding those in need.

For every $1 donated to the foodbank, they are able to provide 4 meals.




1904labs donated directly to Food Outreach, a St. Louis area organization providing nutrition support for men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS or undergoing cancer treatment.

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