Core Beliefs

Clients Are Our Cornerstone

We are committed to providing our clients a level of service that exceeds their expectations. As such, we will only provide services in alignment with our areas of expertise. We will deliver all work at the highest level of quality possible.

Team Members And Our Culture Are The Foundation Of 1904labs

Our goal is to hire innovative, courageous, intensely curious and team-minded people. We value people skills and technical skills equally. As such, we are committed to providing each team member with opportunities that will allow them to develop their people and technical skills while working at 1904labs. We will foster a company culture that encourages team members to collaborate effectively with each other and be open to learning from each other.

Modern, Cloud-Native Software

Today, software must scale in various cloud environments and meet different business requirements. We value modern, cloud-native architectural tools and scalable software. We think software must be built from the beginning with the cloud in mind.

Human-Centered Design and Agile Development

Technology is important, but we recognize that software is created by and for people. We use Human-Centered Design in everything we do to ensure we make the right decisions and create the best designs. We use Agile Development practices such as Scrum, Kanban, and XP when appropriate to deliver intuitive and effective software and data solutions.

Work/Life Balance

We understand that our team members work so that they can live and not the other way around. We are committed to our team members having an appropriate balance between work and personal commitments. Our goal is to do work for our clients that aligns with our areas of focus and is deliverable with reasonable effort by our team members.