Our HCDAgile Process

Our four-step process focuses building the right thing the right way.

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HCDAgile focuses not just on technology or on your business goals, but on the humans – your users – who ultimately determine whether your product is a success.

HCDAgile Project Phases

The HCDAgile lifecycle is a well-defined repeatable process that covers everything from funding a project and signing contracts in our pre-engagement phase through sunsetting or handing off a project in transition.


In the first stage of our HCDAgile methodology, we work with you to define the high-level objectives of the project and align expectations for how we will work together.


Before the first line of code is written, our HCDAgile team takes time — not a lot, but enough to get going — to learn some critical information:

  • What are the goals of the business?
  • Who are the humans affected? employees? customers? partners? What are their wants and needs?
  • What technologies will help realize the vision?

A shared vision for the product becomes the North Star that will be followed throughout the project.


Our HCDAgile teams consist of trained, experienced Agile engineers and human-centered designers who work in tight coordination with one another, and with your product owner, to systematically design and develop the solution. A product backlog is groomed and prioritized. Everything is designed and validated with the ongoing input of users.


When the project is complete, our HCDAgile team executes an orderly transition of the product design and code. Everything we have learned, designed, and built is handed off to your teams.

How Can HCDAgile Help Your Enterprise?

HCDAgile can provide your enterprise with a proven, repeatable process that helps align teams, adapt to change, reduce risk, and ensure users get what they truly want & need.

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