Customer Service Is Broken – It’s Time to Fix It – Replay

Webinar Replay


Held May 4th, 2022

AWS’s Connect tools are revolutionizing the patchwork approach to customer service. If you’re stitching together multiple platforms and services (voice, web, mobile, email, etc.) to support customer interactions, your customers feel the pain of a disjointed experience – and you’re spending too much to integrate and maintain disparate best-of-breed technology solutions.

In this presentation, we discuss how to deliver seamless, human-like conversational interactions for all channels on a single platform using the latest AI/NLP tools from AWS. In this presentation, we covered:

  • The challenges in customer experience, cost, and analytics that companies face as in-demand customer service channels have expanded
  • How you can create a unified, AI-enabled customer service platform that brings together experience and insights to dramatically impact your bottom line
  • Why this is a challenge you need to tackle now

Presentation Replay

Do You Want to Unify Your Customer Service Platforms?

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1904labs is an AWS consulting partner, focusing on transforming contact centers with Amazon Connect and Lex. This webinar is part of a series with upcoming topics for 2022 that include: best practices for conversational design and building AI-enabled chatbots. Follow us on LinkedIn for updates!


Sean Walsh – Managing Director & Co-founder at 1904labs

Sean has split his 30 plus year career between working in large organizations – IBM, Accenture, Cambridge Technology Partners, and Novell – and leading and/or co-founding several venture and private equity backed startups. He has provided solutions to Fortune 500 clients in a diverse set of industries.

In addition to servant leadership, his areas of expertise include Sales, Operations, Lean Six Sigma (green belt), Agile Software Development, Human Centered Design and Service Design.

Sean is based in St. Louis and is married with three children. He is an avid runner having completed 17 marathons overall which includes a streak of seven straight Boston Marathons (2012 thru 2018). He is also on the board of the Cortex Innovation Community.

Brandon Fischer, Practice Lead, 1904labs
Brandon Fischer, Director of Decision Science at 1904labs

Brandon has spent his career in the data science and analytics space both as an executive and expert Data Scientist, leading teams and building machine learning capabilities for enterprise brands. With experience driving innovation at clients in the automotive, CPG, energy, finance, pharmaceutical, technology, telecom, financial services, and travel industries, Brandon is now working on our AI Enabled Customer Service Solutions to apply his expertise in analytics, machine learning, and AI to customer service.