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Get a roadmap to your 2021 IT goals


Now is the time to set yourself up for success in 2021. While your team focuses on what you need to accomplish in 2020, we can help you get a jump start on next year’s IT goals now — whether you’re looking to create a new or revamp an existing application. By the end of the year, we’ll give you everything a team will need to meet your goal and start building going into 2021.

What You Get

In our 8-week Roadmap Jump Start, we’ll work with you to understand your goals and build everything you need to get there including a roadmap with estimated team and budget, architecture diagram, story map, journey map, and user personas. All of these tools give you a step-by-step blueprint to deliver value immediately and sets you up to more accurately plan for your project’s budget and timeline. 

Why Do I Need This If I Follow Agile?

Agile is a great way to achieve your goals. But if you know certain things before you start building, then you have a strong foundation to build in the right direction. Our approach, HCDAgile, gives you a prioritized roadmap based on user needs and internal alignment, so everyone involved is on the same page when you get started. 

Key Deliverables

Journey maps
Technical architecture diagram
Story map
Prioritized roadmap with estimated team and budget requirements
Discovery readout of all artifacts



Project Lead
1-2 Human-Centered Designers
1-2 Developers

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