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Designing and delivering specialized software solutions

Companies today need specialized software solutions to provide them a sustainable competitive advantage. This has raised the bar with users expecting more – both in functionality and usability – from the software they interact with daily. Having access to software developers that understand both the right software technologies and the end user’s requirements can be a challenge for companies. 1904labs solves this problem.

Human-Centered Design

At 1904labs, Human-Centered Design (HCD) works hand-in-hand with Agile development to design and develop products and solutions by integrating the human perspective within our HCDAgile process. This includes observing people and the tasks they perform within their context; and researching, conceptualizing, and evaluating human-centered solutions throughout the software development lifecycle.

HCD is an integral part of the 1904labs HCDAgile process, and ensures that the specialized software solutions we design and develop are useful and usable by intensely focusing on users, and designing around their wants and needs at all stages of the development lifecycle.


We revolutionize the way applications are designed, built, and managed by starting with users and then creating modern cloud- based solutions that align to their needs. 1904labs is focused on developing software with improved time to market, flexibility, and cost savings in an iterative, repeatable fashion. We manage delivery using a proprietary agile process that was developed in conjunction with our full-stack engineers to help us stay focused on the right solutions to your toughest engineering problems.

Data Engineering

The Data Engineering practice is focused on developing highly efficient, distributed and easily customizable data solutions. We focus on streaming and batch data pipelines, in transit data enrichment and standardization, data modeling and storage, data governance and data access. We have a passion for open source technologies, strive to build cloud-first applications, and are motivated by our desire to transform businesses into data driven enterprises.

Decision Science

Our Decision Science practice focuses on enabling clients to derive insights from their data that facilitate data-based decision making. We work with clients during problem discovery to identify issues that could be solved with data. Next, we help identify their data needs and assist in building data collection steams. We then help clients gain insights and understanding about data they are collecting and how it can improve their business. Finally, we develop continuous delivery of those insights through various means such as analytics services or interactive dashboards, allowing clients to continue to inform decisions with their latest data on an ongoing basis.

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