Cloud Services

Revolutionizing Cloud Application Development

We revolutionize the way applications are designed, built, and managed by starting with users and then creating modern cloud-based solutions that align to their needs. 1904labs is focused on developing software with improved time to market, flexibility, and cost savings in an iterative, repeatable fashion. We manage delivery using a process that was developed in conjunction with our full-stack engineers to help us stay focused on the right solutions to your toughest engineering problems.

1904labs Cloud Offerings

Cloud Native Refactoring

In this offering we come alongside companies that have an application or applications they want to move to the cloud. This is the typical monolithic-to-microservices transition. It involves provisioning cloud-based assets, building APIs, creating front-ends, ensuring security and logging, and containerizing any primary services that the application might need. Our teams provide a roadmap for transitioning an organization’s legacy applications onto a cloud native infrastructure. This transition may or may not include running co-located with the legacy application and maintaining operations while the newly-created assets are deployed.

Cloud-Based Development

This is green field development in which we partner with an organization to help them accomplish their application development requirements. We use continuous integration, test driven development, human centered design, microservices, container based deployments, logging, service discovery, caching, etc. We embrace agile in everything we do and we are cloud first in our thinking. We know how to deploy across multiple cloud providers including AWS, Google Compute, and Azure. We can use internally-provisioned hardware and solutions as well. We think in patterns and templates to help you go from concept to cloud-based application in record time.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

This combines legacy Cloud Native Refactoring with new Cloud-Based Development. In certain circumstances organizations may not be ready to shut down existing services because of their breadth of reach through an organization or previous investment. In the Hybrid option 1904labs will seek to understand the existing utilization of assets and build services that compliment them and increase their capability. This approach honors previous investment while addressing the current reality that there are economies of scale as well as cost savings with moving toward a cloud based architecture and infrastructure. We bring the best of Cloud Native Refactoring along with our abilities in Cloud-Based Application Development.

Research and Development / Strategy and Roadmap Formation

The focus of this is Research and Development as well as Strategy and Roadmap Formation. It can be an added on to any of the above offerings. We bring a team and all of our knowledge in Cloud-Based Application Development. We research tools and technologies and leave behind a trail based on current and previous development experience. In this offering the team deliberately looks beyond the end of the current contract providing a plan for the future aligned with the goals of the organization. Research and Development can be combined with our discovery process and it can be used as a leader into any of the other offerings.