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Companies today need specialized software solutions to provide them a sustainable competitive advantage. This has raised the bar with users expecting more — both in functionality and usability — from the software they interact with daily. Having access to software developers that understand both the right software technologies and the end user’s requirements can be a challenge for companies. 1904labs solves this problem.

Case Study

Saving Millions by Automating CCPA Compliance

A telecommunications leader needed to replace a costly, time-consuming, and error-prone manual process for CCPA compliance.

Case Study

Better Data Visualization Improves Patient Care

A virtual healthcare provider sought ways to simplify and streamline the presentation of patient vitals to enhance real-time decision making in treating patients.

Case Study

Big Data Management Unlocks Big Insights

A global telecommunications firm found itself analyzing multiple sets of data across the organization, which was time consuming and costly.

Case Study

Providing Greater Business Value by Breaking Monoliths

A telecommunications client needed to scale its individual applications and services independently and deliver to production faster to provide greater business value. The client engaged 1904labs to help in the transition to a modular framework using microservices architecture.

Case Study

1904labs’ Innovative Approach to Telehealth Optimizes Patient Outcomes

A virtual care center faces complex challenges to deliver effective care to its patients. We partnered with this client on a software and data engineering project to streamline data flows and work processes.

Case Study

Power, Speed, and Data Visualization in Field Reporting

A multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company endured tedious, time-intensive processes to compare large sets of crop trial data. The client engaged 1904labs to helped combine the various reporting platforms into a single solution that offered more powerful analytic capabilities and improved the overall user experience.

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We Are Winning in 2019

At 1904labs, we celebrate the each week the contributions to our start-ups and our community, we challenge each other to self-improvement and improving the company.

It’s so amazing when these efforts are recognized by our St. Louis community. This fall we’ve been happy to receive the following awards and recognitions!

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Why I Love XD Throwdown

When given the opportunity to explain Design Thinking in action at the first XD Throwdown, I seized it immediately!