We help you harness complex data at scale and drive value in a sustainable way.

Our team of talented, innovative engineers partner with you to develop highly performant, scalable, and maintainable data solutions to transform your business into a data-driven enterprise.

How We’ve Helped

Case Study

A Roadmap to Data Maturity

A utility company moving to smart meter technology achieves a roadmap to build a modern data platform to accommodate streaming data and decision science capabilities.

Case Study

Applying HCDAgile to a Back-end Data System

Digital agriculture company aligns cross-organizational users, breaks down communication silos, and increases engagement with data pipeline solution through HCDAgile.

Case Study

Saving Millions by Automating CCPA Compliance

A telecommunications leader needed to replace a costly, time-consuming, and error-prone manual process for CCPA compliance.

Data Governance
  • Manage metadata, access, and security
  • Eliminate organizational data silos
  • Comply with California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and other regulations
Maintainable and Efficient
Data Pipelines
  • Leverage open source tools to enable efficient stream or batch processing of your data
  • Standardize and enrich data in transit
Production Ready
Data Platforms
  • Employ comprehensive modeling in order to efficiently store and query your data
  • Enable access to data via APIs, analytics tools, and SQL
  • Create data warehouses and data lakes
Research, Design, and Data Strategy
  • Assess data maturity and develop roadmaps
  • Prove out pipelines and platforms quickly in the cloud
  • Evaluate different frameworks or cloud services

How We Do It

Combining our HCDAgile approach with data engineering means that we get to the human element of your data challenge. We help you solve the right problem and create a solution to fit your users’ specific needs. Even if your project doesn’t have a user interface, the functional and business needs can benefit from HCDAgile. Understanding the purpose behind your data and how users will ultimately interact with that data dramatically influences the design of the underlying databases and platforms.

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1904labs is on the leading edge of integrating Data Engineering into agile development.

How Can Data Engineering Help Your Enterprise?

  • Data Modeling
  • Streaming / Batch Data pipelines
  • Enrichment & Standardization
  • Data Governance Solutions
  • Prototype Quickly in the Cloud