We help you harness complex data at scale and drive value in a sustainable way.

We provide you with talented, innovative engineers focused on developing highly performant, distributed, and maintainable data solutions to transform your business into a data-driven enterprise.

Data Governance
  • Manage metadata, access, and security
  • Eliminate organizational data silos
  • Compliance with California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and other regulations
Maintainable and Efficient
Data Pipelines
  • Leveraging open source tools to enable efficient stream or batch processing of your data
  • Standardize and enrich data in transit
Production Ready
Data Platform
  • Employ comprehensive modeling in order to efficiently store and query your data
  • Secure access to your data via APIs, analytics tools, and SQL
  • Data Warehouses and Data Lakes

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1904labs is on the leading edge of integrating Data Engineering into agile development.

How Can Data Engineering Help Your Enterprise?

  • Data Modeling
  • Streaming / Batch Data pipelines
  • Enrichment & Standardization
  • Data Governance Solutions
  • Prototype Quickly in the Cloud
Check out our process in action.
Case Study

Better Data Visualizations Improves Patient Care

A virtual healthcare provider sought ways to simplify and streamline the presentation of patient vitals to enhance real-time decision making in treating patients.

Case Study

Providing Greater Business Value by Breaking Monoliths

A virtual care center faces complex challenges to deliver effective care to its patients. We partnered with this client on a software and data engineering project to streamline data flows and work processes.

Case Study

Big Data Management Unlocks Big Insights

A global telecommunications firm found itself analyzing multiple sets of data across the organization, which was time consuming and costly.