Modern Software

We make modern manageable.

We help you transition to modern software by providing intensely curious teams who design and build solutions that are maintainable, reliable, performant, and secure.

Solving Problems for Enterprise Companies

How We’ve Helped

Case Study

Shifting Development Paradigms with DevOps

A digital agriculture company needed a way to enable easy adoption and utilization of their data platform for the engineers that use it both internally and externally to access agricultural insights.

Case Study

Redesigned App Increases Speed and Efficiency

A managed care company had an aging system used by many internal employees and wanted to find ways to improve user experience and efficiency.

Case Study

Digital Bridge Between Investors and Advisors

A financial services giant needed to expand their investment services across web and mobile.

What We Do


  • Integration of cloud services and data stores
  • Full stack applications embedded in the cloud
  • Utilization of modern cloud tools to accelerate development

Modern Web &
Mobile App

  • Full stack web development using modern tools
  • Mobile: iOS, Android, or Tablets, native or cross-platform
  • REST APIs, microservices, and other backend services
  • Digital consumer products

Security Automation

  • CI/CD pipelines, UI and mobile testing
  • Metrics, monitoring, governance, and traceability
  • Infrastructure-as-code, automated scaling and recovery


  • Custom geospatial ingress, processing, and manipulation solutions
  • Full geospatial architecture design and implementation utilizing FOSS4G technologies
  • Proprietary to open source transition assistance

How We Do It

With modern software projects, it’s costly to get it wrong. When you invest hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars on a piece of software, you want your users to adopt it. Leveraging our HCDAgile approach really analyzes the root of your problem and each requirement to ensure we’re building the right modern software solution. Understanding the use cases of the solution dramatically influences elements of design including scalability, security, and performance. The more you know, the better you can custom fit the solution.

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1904labs is on the leading edge of integrating Modern Engineering into agile development.

How Can Modern Software Engineering
Help Your Enterprise?

  • Cloud Native Development
  • Private / Hybrid Cloud
  • Containerization
  • Research & Development
  • Strategy & Roadmaps