Our Story

The year 1904 brought tremendous passion, talent, and innovation to St. Louis with not only the World’s Fair but the Olympics as well. Just like that monumental year, 1904labs inspires those same qualities in new and exciting ways. We are agile and innovative technologists with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for designing and building cutting-edge cloud-based software and data solutions for our clients.

We challenge the conventional norms by encouraging our employees to innovate their ideas during collaboration times, during standard business hours, separate from client work. It is our goal for every client to get exceptional value by working with us. At the same time, we strive for our team members to feel they have a voice about their career while growing both personally and professionally.

At Bayer, we value entrepreneurial thinking. We value creativity. We value innovation and diversity of thought. Looking for different ways to find top developers, 1904labs has proven to be a great partner. Their innovative approach to attracting and developing talent has helped us deliver outstanding results to our customers.

Mike Weaver

IT Director of Product Development, Bayer Crop Science