Who We Are

Empowering our teams to achieve autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

At 1904labs we know and respect the value of our team members, which is why we’ve created a culture that allows all our employees to thrive, grow and most importantly, feel fulfilled and part of something greater.

The success and happiness of our team is as important to us as our client success and happiness. We seek to unlock the creative, technical and professional potential of each employee. We do this, in part, by providing each employee the opportunity to spend 10% of their time on individual interests or professional development through our “Innovation Hours.”

Our location in the Cortex district gives our teams and clients the ability to collaborate with other entrepreneurs to help manifest their passions.

  • Great Working Environment

    Our snack selection caters to the desires of our team. We have no dress code – come as you feel comfortable. What you’ll find camaraderie, ping pong or foosball if you need a diversion, and incredibly smart people when what you need is a sharp mind to bounce an idea against.

  • Innovation Hours

    We believe employees are productive and happier when they have an outlet for their interests. We ensure that for four hours week employees have a chance to focus on what’s important to them personally through our Innovation Hours.

  • Career Development

    We’re not simply your employer. We’re a career partner. We’ll help you build your career along the path that fits your passions. Through regular one-on-one conversations, we’ll work develop a track that allows you to meet your professional objectives.

  • Support for You and Your Family

    Life is busy. In addition to flexible hours and the ability to work from home 60% of the time, our pay and benefit package allows you to live a productive and healthy life.

Our Core Beliefs