Innovation Hour Catches Fire

Our Innovation Hours Program gives our employees time to work on their passion projects every week. As part of this series, we are highlighting how individuals are working on themselves, working on their startups, working on their community, and working on the labs.

We recently held an Innovation Showcase during innovation hours where employees could discuss and show their projects. Simon Yost, Agile Engineering Lead, has worked at the labs since 2019. In May of last year, Simon kicked off Catch Fire Show, a podcast he hosts chronicling non-traditional career paths. In his 2 seasons, he has talked with passionate people on uncommon paths.

Watch as Simon shares his podcast know-how, including how he came up with the concept, getting the podcast content accessible, and the behind the scenes how-tos during his Innovation Showcase presentation.

Season 3 of Catch Fire Show returns on January 27, airing on Wednesdays at 6 PM. Subscribe on YouTube now and watch a diverse group of folks help you find your passion and live for it!