Upcoming Webinar Customer Service Journey

Upcoming Webinar: How to Lower Contact Center Costs and Improve the Customer Service Journey

The importance of good customer service has never been greater. Customers’ expectations continue to rise to new heights with the availability of digital channels to reach a business at any time. Smooth experiences in particular are vital, with 62% of respondents to a CCW Digital survey saying that they are more likely to spend with brands that deliver easy experiences.

Despite that, the typical customer service journey for callers is awash with friction points. This can not only frustrate customers and make them less likely to spend money, but it also affects the business, lowering containment and deflection rates. This in turn leads to overall higher contact center costs. These friction points start from the moment a call is answered and, in many cases, continue on beyond the primary interaction until the resulting action or a post-call survey.

The good news is that the advancement of AI tools, such as NLP-driven Intelligent Virtual Agents, means there are solutions readily available for businesses to address these friction points — now — in order to improve customer satisfaction scores and reduce contact center costs. However, it’s important to understand the caller customer service journey to know, and not guess, which friction points are most critical to your business, your customers, and your agents, and how you can then remove that friction from the experience.

At noon on December 15, Director of AI-Enabled Customer Service Solutions at 1904labs, Tom Thelen and User Experience Researcher & Designer at 1904labs, Lisa Bruce, will host a webinar entitled How To Lower Contact Center Costs By Enhancing The Customer Service Journey With AI where they will explore:

  • An understanding of the current caller journey state and where friction typically exists
  • Use cases where leveraging Conversational AI Virtual Agents can relieve those friction points to have the greatest impact
  • The benefits Conversational AI Virtual Agents can bring for both your callers and your business

This webinar is part of a series of webinars about AI Enabled Customer Service and Intelligent Virtual Agents. You can view the first webinar of our series here, and check back on this link in the future to see our collection of AI Enabled Customer Service webinars.

To sign up for the webinar, either fill out the form below or visit the registration page at this link.

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