Our Story

Summer Olympics Poster

In 1904, 20 million people traveled from around the globe to the St. Louis World’s Fair. For seven months, fairgoers explored—by foot, by boat, and even by elephant— a dreamlike city of spectacular buildings and transformed landscapes that stood on the grounds of what was once a woodland park. They came to discover the world’s latest achievements in technology, fine arts, manufacturing, science, civics, foreign policy and education.

It was a year that brought tremendous passion, talent, and innovation to St. Louis. Like that monumental year, 1904labs inspires those same qualities in new and exciting ways. Founded 112 years later and just blocks away from the home of the 1904 fairgrounds, we are a company of agile and innovative technologists with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for designing and building cutting-edge cloud-based software and data solutions for our clients.

Just like the world at the turn of the 20th century, the world is undergoing constant and rapid technological change. Computing is moving from on-premise to the cloud. The volume and velocity of data—referred to as Big and Fast Data—creates both opportunities and never-before-seen challenges for companies wanting to capitalize on this information.

Today, we help some of the world’s largest companies innovate further, bringing them the nimbleness of a startup without the risks, challenges, or costs associated with building new teams internally. We can rapidly and cost-effectively develop specialized software solutions—everything from a proof-of-concept to a ready-to-deploy solution.

We challenge norms by encouraging our employees to innovate their ideas during collaboration times, during standard business hours, separate from client work. Our goal is to deliver exceptional value to our clients, all while giving our team members the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.