The Intelligent Virtual Contact Center

Save money on every customer interaction with intelligent virtual agents

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Don’t Pick Between Reducing Costs Or Improving Customer Experience

When it comes to customer service, reducing costs and improving the customer experience are often seen as competing priorities. But they don’t have to be. Our Intelligent Virtual Contact Center unifies the three conversational channels - voice, web chat, and text - on a single AI-powered platform to create a personalized, cross-channel experience for your customers that enables self service to save time - and costs - on each interaction.

How the Intelligent Virtual Contact Center Benefits You

Improved Customer Experience

Your customers are given the personalized assistance they deserve by our intelligent virtual agent (or IVA for short) and can even complete simple requests themselves, leading to increased adoption.

Fewer Live Agent Interactions

Self-service capabilities mean only more complex requests require a live agent, reducing both the number of people you need at any one time and customer wait times, which in turn reduces costs and further increases customer satisfaction.

Reduced Time Spent On Each Contact

Your live agents no longer need to identify and authenticate customers, complete simple requests, or constantly transfer customers to a different agent, bringing a significant reduction in time per contact.

How the Intelligent Virtual Contact Center Works

Greet and Identify Customer

Warmly greet your customers with an IVA and authenticate their identity immediately so that the rest of the interaction can be specific to them - and so you don’t have to waste a real person’s time doing it later if a live agent is required.

Match Customer Intents

The IVA asks what the customer needs help with, allowing the customer to describe their problems in their own words so that the IVA can match it to the correct intent.

Process Customer Intents

Depending on the intent, the IVA moves the customer into self service or intelligently routes them to the right live agent for the customer’s specific needs.

Fix Your Customer Service Challenges Now

We can help you solve your customer service challenges now. In our strategy session, we’ll start by understanding the main pain points for your business and customers and work with you and your teams to find ways that AI can help you achieve your customer service goals.

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