The Unified Contact Data Platform

Capture data from every single customer interaction

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Find the True Value in What Your Customers Are Telling You

Every single customer interaction provides valuable data beyond fulfilling your customer’s needs. But capturing the data from customer interactions is difficult, and bringing it together in a logical way is even harder. As a result, most businesses are missing out on the insights to help them more effectively serve customers and find patterns in what their customers are telling them. The Unified Contact Data Platform brings all of that data together and organizes it in a way that is digestible, allowing you to find the true value in your customer data.

Why You Need a Unified Contact Data Platform

Complete Visibility

Every single interaction is recorded, with data brought together from across platforms and organized, giving you the complete view of both individual interactions and each customer’s history.

Flexible Access

All data that flows from the pipeline into the platform is unpacked so that it can be readily queried against for any questions you want to answer.

Extended Value to the Organization

You can connect your customer data with any of your enterprise systems, giving you the ability to leverage this data for insights across departments.

How We Bring Customer Data Together

We use data pipelines to bring together data from not just entire customer service interactions but also your enterprise systems such as your CRM to logically join it together in our Unified Contact Data Platform. This platform gives you a place to query against your data and also crucially feeds our Customer Service Insights Hub, unlocking insights straight from the minds of your customers.

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