Decision Science

Unlock the power of your data by building modern analytics
and data science capabilities to empower informed, real-time decisions.

Your data has immense value, but mining that value can be challenging for any organization.

Our team of data scientists and decision engineers help you turn on advanced data insights and machine learning algorithms that automate, enhance, and streamline your decision making processes. By leveraging data-based decision making, you can improve efficiency through automation, reduce costs, and provide better service to users and customers.

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How We Helped

Decision Science Capabilities

  • R&D Strategy & Roadmapping

    • Projects: Roadmapping, vendor/tool evaluation, data labs
    • Deliverable: Strategic advice, hands on guidance, detailed recommendation
    • Outcome: Enables expert-informed data decisions
  • Interactive Dashboarding

    • Projects: Descriptive and exploratory data visuals
    • Deliverable: Automated data visualization, custom interactive dashboard
    • Outcome: Enables hands-on data exploration to power data insights
  • Applied Machine Learning

    • Projects: Advanced analytics, machine learning, or artificial intelligence projects
    • Deliverable: Detailed report, model/process automated and deployed to production
    • Outcome: Data-powered, human-made or automated decision
  • Data Science Implementation

    • Projects: ML implementation & deployment, DS scalability, or DS cloud Integration
    • Deliverable: Model or process deployed within an automated platform and integrated into client system
    • Outcome: Data-powered, automated decisions

How We Do It

Leveraging our HCDAgile approach, we identify the personas that matter (usually those are the person that manages the data, the person who analyzes it, and the person who makes the decision). With HCDAgile, it’s about getting underneath the problem from the perspective of each of these personas - and building an algorithm that benefits all three of these people.

Our strengths are not just in decision science, but with capabilities across human-centered design, data engineering, and modern software, we can deliver end-to-end decision science outcomes for your business.

How Can Decision Science Help Your Enterprise?

We can help you build analytics and data science capabilities to empower and automate enterprise decision making.

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Technical Expertise

Our experienced data scientists are well versed in a range of modern technologies to help you leverage the power of advanced analytics and AI to advance your business.