Modern Software Engineering

Modern solutions users love.

We help solve your biggest software challenges by architecting and building solutions that are maintainable, reliable, performant, secure, and a joy to use for customers, partners, and employees.

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How We Helped

Modern Software Capabilities

  • Cloud Native development

    • Integration of cloud services and data stores
    • Full stack applications embedded in the cloud
    • Utilization of modern cloud tools to accelerate development
  • Modern Web & Mobile App Development

    • Full stack web development and progressive web apps using modern tools
    • Mobile: iOS, Android, or Tablets, native or cross-platform
    • REST APIs, microservices, and other backend services
    • Digital consumer products
  • Devops & Security Automation

    • CI/CD pipelines, UI and mobile testing
    • Metrics, monitoring, governance, and traceability
    • Infrastructure-as-code, automated scaling and recovery

How We Do It

With modern software projects, it’s costly to get it wrong. When you invest hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars on a piece of software, you want your users to adopt it. Leveraging our HCDAgile approach really analyzes the root of your problem and each requirement to ensure we’re building the right modern software solution. Understanding the use cases of the solution dramatically influences elements of design including scalability, security, and performance. The more you know, the better you can custom fit the solution.

How Can Modern Software Engineering Help Your Enterprise?

We can help you build modern software solutions that work for you now - and with your future goals.

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Technical Expertise

Our software engineers are experts in a variety of modern stacks, a sampling of which are below. We meet you where you are technologically to build software solutions your team can maintain, support, and extend in the long run.

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