How We Do It

We focus on building the right thing, the right way — solving the right set of problems with a solution that works for users.

What Is HCDAgile?

In the beginning, there was Waterfall software development. Heavy on planning, short on adaptability. Waterfall ultimately gave way to Agile. Agile is fast and adaptive, but Agile often moves quickly toward goals that may be poorly defined or even understood. At the same time, Human-Centered Design (HCD), with its research, design, and testing methods — while great at providing understanding — is often too slow or too siloed from development to be practical. So what’s the right approach?

HCDAgile is a fusion of Human-Centered Design within a structured Agile process.

HCDAgile allows you to design and develop solutions by involving the human in all aspects of the process. HCDAgile combines upfront discovery with a right-sized team of trained Agile engineers and human-centered designers who work together throughout the project to build the right thing, the right way. Read more about our four-step approach.

How We’ve Helped

Case Study
Applying HCDAgile to a Back-end Data System

A digital agriculture leader wanted to reduce operational friction, track and provide data lineage, and improve data quality for internal users of their data pipeline.

Case Study
Enabling Better Access to Research Data

A medical research institution needed to ease data access, enhance user experience, and improve extensibility for their research data repository.

Case Study
1904labs’ Innovative Approach to Telehealth Optimizes Patient Outcomes

A virtual care center faces complex challenges to deliver effective care to its patients. We partnered with this client on a software and data engineering project to streamline data flows and work processes.

The Benefits

We created HCDAgile to overcome the constraints of the software development approaches that came before. Many enterprises have adopted some form of Agile in their software development processes. What does our HCDAgile methodology add?

Well Defined but Flexible Processes

Our approach gives us the ability to respond to change while pursuing a clear end goal.

Upfront Understanding

With an upfront Discovery phase, we achieve a full understanding of the problem and create a flexible plan to achieve a solution.

Client Participation

A core part of HCDAgile is involving our client in the process to not just get their input but involve them in the solution to increase engagement and alignment.

Products Users Adopt

By designing around end user wants and needs at all stages of the development lifecycle, we create products users want to adopt, increasing your return on development investment and your revenue.

Improved User/Customer Satisfaction

By understanding and building for user needs, you’ll solve customers’ challenges, not just build the solution you think they need.

Reduced Training and Support Costs

Working with your team, we build solutions your existing staff and infrastructure can sustain and extend.

Faster Time to Market

With development support and acceleration, we help your teams get your products and services to market faster.

How Can HCDAgile Help Your Enterprise?

HCDAgile can provide your enterprise with a proven, repeatable process that helps align teams, adapt to change, reduce risk, and ensure users get what they truly want & need.

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