It's Time to Fix Customer Service

Your customers deserve it and your business needs it

Customer service is broken. Your customers are suffering through a poor, confusing experience while your business is struggling with operational inefficiencies, incomplete customer data, and technology duplication. But the tools are available to solve it today with AI-Enabled Customer Service.

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AI-Enabled Customer Service

As an Amazon Select Partner, we utilize AWS’s best-in-class AI technologies to solve your customer service woes. Leveraging Conversational AI, you can simplify customer service with self-service or intelligent routing options that minimize the time customers - and live agents - spend trying to solve issues. Meanwhile, the data from each interaction is collected, brought together, and organized, allowing you to turn that data into instantly available insights that you can leverage to proactively improve your customer experience and operations.

Our AI-Enabled Customer Service Solutions

Customer Service Strategy

Working with you to understand your unique needs, your people, and your technology, we determine a roadmap forward for you to adopt Conversational AI technology and improve your customer service.

Our Framework

Our recommended model for your customer service is made up of three components - the Intelligent Virtual Contact Center, the Customer Service Insights Hub, and the Unified Contact Data Platform- to form the Unified Conversational Customer Service Platform. Depending on where you are in your journey, we have frameworks to help you deploy each or all of these to improve your customer service.

  • Unified Conversational Customer Service Platform

    Unify your conversational customer service channels to reduce technology duplication, create operational efficiencies, improve customer experience, and drive insights from every customer interaction.

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  • Intelligent Virtual Contact Center

    Identify, greet, determine intent, and process requests from customers with Intelligent Virtual Agents, freeing up live agents to handle specialized, complex issues.

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  • Customer Service Insights Hub

    Organize insights into role-specific portals related to your contact center, your customers, and your operations to make data-driven decisions, improve contact center performance, and see in real time why customers are contacting you.

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  • Unified Contact Data Platform

    Bring together and organize data from every interaction to create a complete view of your customers - and drive data into the Customer Service Insights Hub.

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What Benefits Can You Achieve with AI-Enabled Customer Service?

Cost Savings

Reduce handle time for each interaction with IVAs that can identify, authenticate, and effectively determine the intent of customers. IVAs serve customers 24/7, seamlessly scaling when demand increases to save on labor costs - freeing up live agents for more complex requests.

Customer Experience

Drastically improve your customer experience by providing a more personalized experience, self-service opportunities for your most frequent requests, and a simplified process for customers. This in turn improves customer satisfaction scores and leaves a positive brand association - something customer service often struggles with.

Customer Insights

Finally achieve the insights to understand what’s working in your customer service channels - and for your customers - in real time. Collect data from every interaction to power insights that will optimize operations, adjust to customer needs, and unlock new revenue opportunities.

How We Helped Ring Increase Self-service Adoption

Ring receives more than 8 million support contacts from their customers (or “Neighbors”, as they’re known) annually. At a cost of $1 per minute, this represented a significant expense for Ring. In order to reduce those expenses, Ring wanted to automate authentication while also deflecting simple calls to self service with an IVA.

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Fix Your Customer Service Challenges Now

We can help you solve your customer service challenges now. In our strategy session, we’ll start by understanding the main pain points for your business and customers and work with you and your teams to find ways that AI can help you achieve your customer service goals.

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