Unified Conversational Customer Service

A single platform to improve the customer experience and drive business efficiency

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The Payoff of a Unified Conversational Customer Service Platform

Your customer service doesn’t have to be a cost center. Patchwork customer service channels lead to an inconsistent, often shoddy customer experience, siloed data, technology duplication, and operational struggles, all of which inflate costs. But a unified customer service platform can be a revenue generator. The Unified Conversational Customer Service Platform, powered by AWS’s leading technology, gives your customers - and your business - the service they deserve.

A Unified Conversational Customer Service Platform Will

Standardize Technology

By consolidating your conversational channels of voice calls, text, and webchat into a unified platform, you reduce the cost of your technology and vendor support, create a single integration point for your enterprise systems, and reduce the technologies you need to support.

Create Operational Efficiency

Reduce the time and cost to serve customers with increased adoption and self-service capabilities. At the same time, live agents are freed up to complete more complex and specialized requests and can complete tasks much faster.

Improve Customer Experience

Your customers receive a personalized, warm experience, can solve problems on the channel of their choice, and can utilize self service at all times, leading to increased adoption, customer satisfaction, and customer retention.

Enable Customer Insights

Unlock real-time insights that you can view at any time. You have a complete view of your customers, allowing you to better understand and serve them, and even proactively take steps to ensure their satisfaction, while also improving cross selling and customer acquisition.

How the Unified Conversational Customer Service Platform Works

As an AWS Select Partner, we combine best-in-class AWS technologies to create a platform that takes input from all three conversational channels to serve your customers and your business. This platform is made up of three key components:
  • The Intelligent Virtual Contact Center

    Identifies and authenticates customers, determines their intent, and processes them to either provide self service or route them to the correct live agent.

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  • The Customer Service Insights Hub

    This takes the data from the Customer Service Data Lake to create three portals - Customer Insights, IVCC Insights, and Operational Insights - to drive improvements in all three areas.

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  • The Unified Contact Data Platform

    This brings together all data from the entirety of the customer service interaction from the moment the customer initiates contact.

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